Is Snapchat getting Snow-balled in Asia?

This blog takes a look at Snow, a Korean app very similar to Snapchat and compares popularity across Asia.


Campaign Asia article – 1bn users vs $1bn

It’s easy for marketers to get excited when seeing huge user numbers, like Whatsapp claiming a billion monthly active users back in February. Why wouldn’t you want to be part of the action on a platform that kind of scale? The reality is, marketers need to look beyond the user numbers and understand what is actually…

Messenger Apps Part 2 – LINE vs Snapchat; what it means for brands in Asia

Mobile messenger apps arguably offer the most intimate and engaged advertising opportunities available to brands right now. Canadian messaging app Kik and its more conspicuous rival Snapchat in the past 6-9 months have launched product updates and advertising solutions that have helped see their valuations skyrocket; with the latter recently being valued at $19BN. Following the outcry that greeted Snapchat initially…